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Team Green x Incredibuilds | 3D Wooden Puzzles for Movie Fans
enevu | CUBE Mini Light: Portable, Sleek, Magical
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December 16, 2016
bedroom popup lighting deer

Popup Lighting: Magical Designs Inspired By Pop-Up Books

Fuelled by a passion for both art and design, Tel Aviv-based creative Chen Bikovski founded Popup lighting, a studio dedicated to creating lighting designs that bring a magical ambiance to any space. Read More

Product reviews IMG 224

December 12, 2016
Profile Picture Daniel Chan

Coat Tote: A Stylish and Sustainable Shopping Solution

Daniel Chan is the creative mind behind Coat Tote, a reusable shopping bag neatly packaged into a cute coat-shaped keychain. We interviewed Daniel about his ingenious, Eco-Friendly design. Read More

Designer Stories IMG 3961

December 2, 2016

Happy Holidays! | 6 Unisex Christmas Gifts for US$55 and Under

Are you stuck for Christmas gift ideas? We have curated six unisex (and unique) Christmas gifts to pop into your loved ones' stockings! Read More

Trend Report IMG 284

November 25, 2016
Ostrich Pillow Go Studio Banana

OSTRICH PILLOW GO: Studio Banana's Latest Kickstarter Success Story

Studio Banana, the creators behind the world's most viral travel pillow, are back on Kickstarter with their latest creation: the OSTRICH PILLOW GO. Read More

Buzz press IMG 4926

November 25, 2016
HumbleWorks London

HumbleWorks: Work Accessories Worth Bragging About | Interview

HumbleWorks is a newly founded London-based industrial design collective with a passion for creating Eco-conscious products that improve people's well-being at work. Read More

Designer Stories IMG 4790

November 18, 2016
desktop accessories wood

5 Wooden Desktop Accessories to Enliven Your Workspace

We have curated five wooden desktop accessories that are sure to make your workspace a more tranquil and inspiring place. Read More

Trend Report IMG 5104

November 18, 2016
Labyrinth Game Station 9

DIY Project: Building A Wooden Labyrinth Marble Game | Team Green

We built our own wooden labyrinth marble game with Team Green's 'Game Station' DIY kit and have documented the process for you! Read More

Events IMG 270

November 9, 2016
ROLL Bench and Stool by Studio Verena Hennig

The ROLL Collection: Sleek and Playful Massage Furniture

Childlike playfulness meets sleek, modern design in The ROLL Collection, a seating line created by German designer Verena Hennig. Read More

Product reviews IMG 5449

November 4, 2016
ball cheung team green

Q&A With Ball Cheung, Creator Of Eco-Friendly Puzzle Games | Team Gree...

We interviewed designer Ball Cheung about the innovative puzzle games he dreamed up for Team Green®, a Hong Kong-based brand of Eco-friendly wooden designs. Read More

Designer Stories IMG 358