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kevin cheung: boombottle and penciloop


Kevin Cheung is the patented inventor of the boombottle, an upcycling speaker system built into wasted plastic ink containers collected from printing companies or grocery stores in Hong Kong. You can just connect it to your Ipod and simply carry it in the street








boombottle by Kevin Cheung -

boombottle by Kevin Cheung –

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boombottle kevin cheung

boombottle by Kevin Cheung -

boombottle by Kevin Cheung –

material: HDPE, felt. T

he speakers are air sealed, water proof, glowing in the dark and with a big internal volume, which makes it a playful device for outdoor parties

dimension: cm:20W x 28.5H x 14.5D

handmade in Hong Kong by Kevin, weight: 810g(w/o batteries)

retail price: 59,90 EUR, 30,35% off

sent by the designer

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his second invention, the Penciloop is a stationary storage roll

which curls up automatically when you press the spring metal piece inserted on the edge.




penciloop kevin cheung



penciloop kevin cheung


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all the pencils are hold in place with an elastic band. When you open it, all your stationary will be presented in a neat and tidy way for easy access

6 colours: black, brown, olive, creamy white, navy blue, dark red

material: cotton, spring metal, leather

dimension: open(cm): 32W x 21H x 2D – looped: 7W x  21H x  6D

weight: 120g

prices are in hong kong dollars: 220 $HK (or 20 EUR)

sent by the designer

About Kevin:

Kevin Cheung is a young and talented product design based in Hong Kong, graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic School of Design in 2009 with a first class honor degree together with the SDAA Outstanding Graduate Award.

He believes the word “creativity” refer to an energetic, a child-like playful spirit, with an open mind yet full of curiosity. Kevin delicate his full heart, being true and honest in his design. Just like a children creating with playfulness yet no conservative.

Kevin is also part of our “spot design award”

selection initiated at DETOUR, Hong Kong 2010. Results report is published in TL magazine

Kevin Cheung in the press


> save 10% OFF your first purchase

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