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Did you give up your haunting for good quality speakers you can carry with you everywhere you go? We found the solution for you! Ballo speaker are what we were all waiting for: massive sound in a tiny but high quality object that could fit into your pocket!

OYO "Ballo" speaker

©Bernhard Bukard

Who Designed it?
Bernhard Burkard is the eponym brand created by Swiss designers Fabian Bernhard and Thomas Burkard in 2010. These two former classmates decided to combine their talents to create a product design brand, whose main focus is the technical innovation. Concerned by the needs created by Technology’s growing, these young designers don’t forget the esthetic quality that make their creations unique.

What makes it unique?

Ballo speaker was created for Hong Kong based brand OYO- Object You Obsess. As well as the high quality of the sound produced, the uniqueness of Ballo Speaker lies on its minimalist design. The colored belt add a stylish touch to this tiny but performant speaker and allows a increasming of the bass tones as well as a good protection for the speaker.

How to use it?
Just plug your audio device to the jack and, put the Ballo speaker anywhere and enjoy the incredible quality!
The speaker has a built-in rechargeable Lithium battery and comes with a regular and mostly compatible 3.5mm jack.
Material Polycarbonate, plastic
Size 9x9x9cm
Made In China

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