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  • Signature Pearl Earrings (small)

    Signature Pearl Earrings ... by Salil Andr.. for Matara

    555 spot
  • Spring Time Denim Wallet

    Spring Time Denim Wallet by Sally Tong for SPRING TIM..

    988 spot
  • Spring Time Denim Envelope Clutch

    Spring Time Denim Envelop... by Sally Tong for SPRING TIM..

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    Emerald Peacock Silk Sleeping ...

    IMG 344

    Bona Notti (Italian for 'Good Night') is a fashion business of luxurious and stylish sleeping masks. Hand-sewn from natural materials only (100% silk on the back and pure cotton on the inside) Bona Notti's sleeping masks are hypoallergenic and provide a high level of comfort. All masks feature an original print - pictured is Bona Notti's beautiful 'Emerald Peacock' mask that is sure to help you sleep in style!

    From Los Angeles, California

    Spotted by Loes on Jun 13, 2016


    Hide Away Shelf

    IMG 249

    The 'Hide Away Shelf' by Danish design studio Nordic Function is innovative and beautiful in its simplicity. The wall-mounted shelf features hidden storage space for trinkets such as keys and sunglasses. This clever and streamlined design is a stylish solution to keeping your home looking organised and clutter-free!

    From Holte

    Spotted by Loes on Jun 07, 2016


    Grow your own Wildflower Meado...

    IMG 321

    We love coming across unique gift ideas, so finding this Wildflower Growing Kit by Rose Honick just made our day! This cute little kit contains everything you need to grow your wildflowers: Magic Soil, a packet of British wildflower seeds, 1 biodegradable pot and instructions. Best of all, all of this comes in a colourful hand-printed pouch featuring Honick's original pattern design!

    From London

    Spotted by Loes on Jun 07, 2016


    Arctic Sister Wallet

    IMG 320

    Boreal Wallets (Est. 2009) is a British company founded with the aim to take art out of the galleries by printing art on everyday items. Collaborating with an eclectic mix of artists and designers from all over the world, Boreal Wallet's wallet designs (or 'pocket art', as they put it) bring unique artworks into people's hands. A great and clever concept! Pictured is the 'Arctic Sister Wallet' by illustrator Duke&Boris.

    From Gateshead

    Spotted by Loes on Jun 07, 2016


    Hibiscus Globe

    IMG 394

    Hibiscus Globe is a delicate, 100% handmade lighting design by Scottish designer Kate Colin. Each piece is unique and carefully folded into a round, floral shape. The lamp emits a beautiful, soft light and its folds, creases and angles become more apparent when lit.

    From Glasgow

    Spotted by Loes on Jun 07, 2016


    Geometric Earrings

    IMG 243

    A.pair is a brand new jewellery label based in Seoul, South Korea. Their earring designs are characterized by strong geometric shapes and bold colours. The result is a collection of contemporary designs that jazz up your outfit without overpowering the whole ensemble.

    From Seoul

    Spotted by Loes on Jun 07, 2016