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Theory Theory

IMG 149

Theory Theory (Est. 2013) is a Hong Kong brand of endearing stuffed toys that are sure to charm kids and adults alike! Just take a look at this lil' cute, doesn't it bring a smile to your face?

From Hong Kong

Spotted by Loes on Jun 01, 2016


Moonlight Doll - Rabi

IMG 215

AMONG is a South Korean brand of adorable designs for kids. Their Moonlight dolls are a perfect, magical fusion of a stuffed toy and a lighting design.

From South Korea

Spotted by Loes on Feb 24, 2016


Gender Reveal Confetti Balloon

IMG 299

The most fun and festive way to reveal the gender of your unborn baby? Popping this jumbo black balloon by Knot & Bow! The latex balloon comes pre-filled with loads of pink or blue party confetti and is sure to make an impact on your guests at your gender reveal party!

From New York

Spotted by Loes on Feb 12, 2016


Dinosaur DNA

IMG 246

Are you parent to a Jurassic Park-loving child? Then we found the best gift ever for your little one! Award-winning brand 3M has developed 'Dinosaur DNA' kits for paleontologists and dinosaur geneticist in the making. Let your kids dig up a glow-in-the-dark dinosaur skeleton, collect its DNA and even rebuild a life-sized dinosaur with augmented reality technology! This unique dino digging kit by the Hong Kong-based brand combines hands-on fun with virtual excitement. We are very impressed!

From Hong Kong

Spotted by Loes on May 18, 2016


Cloud S Polen

IMG 344

Papajarote Factory is a label of incredibly adorable home accessories for kids and grown ups. Each creature has its own character and just asks to be cuddled! Pictured is 'Cloud S Polen', a happiness-inducing cloud design that is perfect for your little one's bedroom.

From Spain

Spotted by Loes on Feb 15, 2016


Carousel Movable Paper Toy

IMG 515

PUKACA (Est. 2005) is a company of inventive and unique paper toys designed to stimulate children's creativity. This colourful carousel design made of 100% recycled paper is made to cut, fold, glue and spin! PUKACA's creations make for super fun abd easy DIY projects for kids.

From Seixal

Spotted by Loes on Feb 11, 2016


Origami Tattoos

IMG 260

We love these cute and stylish origami tattoos by Wee Gallery! As the temporary tattoos come in packets of 12, they make great birthday party favors or prizes for group activities.

From Florida

Spotted by Loes on Mar 02, 2016


Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks

IMG 295

Tegu blocks are a fresh take on a classic toy, designed to unlock creativity and potential in kids. The colourful wooden blocks have a magnet hidden inside, so your little ones are able to build their wildest ideas and to learn in new and exciting ways.

From USA

Spotted by Loes on Feb 12, 2016


Bowie Doll

IMG 284

Lelelerele handmade is a design studio of unique handcrafted dolls with their own story and personality. Pictured is the 'Bowie Doll', a beautifully created collectible doll inspired by David Bowie's 'Aladdin Sane' cover shoot.

From Onda, Castellón

Spotted by Loes on Feb 11, 2016