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  •            • Once the user clicks on the widget on your website, we will show a pop-up to ask the user for some information. Now, whenever your users want a design product                            they simply spot it.
  •            • Users can decide to publish the spot on Facebook and Twitter. You just need to click the box titles 'publish on Facebook wall' and 'publish on Twitter'.
  •            • The more positive 'want it' a spot receives from the community, the more likely we will source it for you.

Earn Reward points for your spots to get product rebates

By spotting your favourite design products, liking, sharing, giving your opinion, voicing your concern you can earn reward points for rebates on your future purchases.
Any simple product or prototype feedback is representing so much value to our community of design lovers that we want to reward these contributions.

“Feedback from the community about my products tells me if I am going in the right direction for my existing offer and also feeds creative brainstorms for a future prototype to sell. This feedback is invaluable to me and my designer friends”, says Chi-Wing Lee from Milk Design Ltd.

All of these positive actions should be rewarded so you can earn rewards while supporting the design community and pampering yourself with jewelry,  bags, accessories, and of course, home decoration design products!

Sharing spot design finds is as easy as clicking the "Like" button but much more expressive. So, let's start spotting!

Any issues relating to moral and ownership rights regarding the spot remain the spotter’s responsibility. All spotters authorize buymedesign to publish and exhibit all the spots and/or to use them in any publications that buymedesign may deem suitable and/or necessary. 

We really enjoy how spot designs have helped us discover new design products and trends from each other. We'd love to hear your feedback and questions if any, please share them directly with us by emailing us