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Zip it

IMG 999

Zip It! Refresh the art of conversation by taking your phone out of dinner time. Handy little pocket means your Phone is no longer a meal-time distraction allowing for scintillating conversation with your friends and family.

From Dublin

Spotted by Rik Glauert on Jul 29, 2013


Floating Mug

IMG 982

Once again Japanese designers amaze us with their thinking and design originality. This is the floating mug. Put it in a dark area with light bumping on the mug and you will see the mug floating. Quite fun... As well as highly functional as you don't get drops on your table (or books). Arigato tfmc !


Spotted by Oli Ma on Jun 10, 2014


Rainwear skirt

IMG 967

Takaokami is an original and astucious "rainwear" fashion brand founded and designed by Emma Jorn. When raining, outfit are often too large and pretty, but drops should not stop sexiness..that's why with a large range of choices: hat, dress, skirt, jacket, Emma makes rainy days so fun with this mini collection.

From Frederiksberg

Spotted by Erika Lemaitre on May 05, 2015


Landscape Dinner Set

IMG 996

Dinnertime just got a lot more fun! An outdoor adventure with every meal and brilliant at limiting mess.

From Barcelona

Spotted by Rik Glauert on Sep 13, 2013


Const lamp

IMG 972

The lamp slots together like a children's toy. The designer simplified the product into a three basic components, a base, a body and a shade. A marbel block base balances the lamp and has a serrated edge for holding pencils. Materials: Marble / Oak Wood / Aluminum / LED Light Dimension: 27×25 h35

From Bangkok

Spotted by emily watson on Apr 23, 2012


'Moroccan Chocolate' Tray

IMG 96

Notre Monde is a Belgian brand of sophisticated and subtle tray, mirror and furniture designs that fuse traditional techniques with a fresh, global flair. Pictured is the 'Moroccan Chocolate' tray, an elegant design made with a medium aged mirror and dark wood.

From Boom

Spotted by Loes on Apr 06, 2016



IMG 989

Foldability is run by Kyla McCallum who works with origami to create lighting, products, packaging and bespoke pieces for interiors and events.

From London

Spotted by Christine Rochlitz on Feb 14, 2014


Wonderlamp Type H

IMG 967

pendant lights 'Wonderlamp Type H' composed of a succession of balls arranged in four celidor chrome metal rings.

From copenhagen

Spotted by Dorothy Robinson on Mar 16, 2012


Jesus Pop Figurine

IMG 958

Thanks to the designer Sunhan Kwon from Seoul and his offbeat humour for creating this hilarious and design Jesus Pop figurine in Ceramic.

From Seoul

Spotted by Oliv D on Oct 01, 2014